Walking alongside you

Cyberbot SA is an IT support company that specializes in providing remote support to small business users (i.e. businesses with 5 to 15 employees) and home users. Every solution presented is done so with the objective of creating a proactive, well-functioning IT business environment for our clients; One that does not let them down, and helps them function optimally and successfully at all times.

We understand the burden that comes with managing an IT workstation, and because of this we cater monthly maintenance to all our clients which enables them to work better, be more productive and ultimately reduce overall cost. Cyberbot SA offers full remote packages for business and home users, and we also provide additional packages such as virtualization setup and cybersecurity. Our aim is not to solve computer problems when they arise, but to solve them before they become an issue to you and your staff.

If you are looking for IT remote support in Durban, Johannesburg, and other surrounding  areas, we are the IT support company for you. Cyberbot SA is a fully remote company, and because of this, we are not restricted by location – we will be able to help you regardless of where you are, walking alongside you  every step of the way.

I want to learn something

Cyberbot SA provides guides and tutorials completely free of charge. You can find them on our blog page.

Join our family

Do you need advice regarding a specific issue? Is your computer running slow? Is your network giving you connection issues? Do you want someone to take care of all these issues remotely so you don’t have to?  Remote support might be a perfect fit for you.

Cyberbot SA ensures all clients have the best possible experience when receiving remote support. All connections are encrypted, ensuring a safe and reliable service at all times.